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Member Articles

Philadelphia’s Bartram’s Garden Connects History and Community

This historic urban river garden in Southwest Philadelphia both honors the botanical legacy of John Bartram, its 18th-century creator, and partners with the local community through an on-site farm and environmental education. Besides the historic Bartram House and re-created garden, visitors can explore a meadow (site of a former factory) and trails along the Schuylkill River.

Ride the Rails: 5 Top Bike Paths in the U.S.

National Education Association Travel Newsletter:  There’s no byline on this (as on other stories for NEA), but it’s by Linda Cabasin.  Some of America’s best and most scenic recreational paths have been created from tens of thousands of former rail lines. There’s a trail for everyone, from families with kids to hard-core bike riders.

Renamed Newark Museum of Art Completes Refreshing Update

Linda Cabasin explores New Jersey’s largest museum for the June 2020 edition of e-newsletter and website Side of Culture ( Freshly renovated galleries, a new name,  and a welcoming front entrance enhance treasures from around the globe.

Travel changed after 9/11; Here’s how it will look after the Covid-19 pandemic finally recedes

Coronavirus has brought travel and tourism to a standstill, and may irrevocably change the industry. Here’s how and where we might start traveling again as we settle into a new vacation normal.

New Life for an Old Seaport

Seaport District Revitalized

Travel Memories: Scarves with a Story

Forget about snow globes or t-shirts, I collect scarves for travel souvenirs.

Flight delayed? This firm wants to get you paid

Berlin-based firm AirHelp has helped 16 million passengers in 35 countries file claims for compensation against airlines for delays, cancellations and overbooking under rules such as the European Union’s Flight Compensation Regulation. Passengers on disrupted domestic flights in the U.S., however, remain largely unprotected by consumers rights law.

Highlights of Extremadura, Spain

Between the European capitals of Madrid and Lisbon lies a region of rolling hills with Medieval castles that have found new lives as “Game of Thrones” locations, villages that are honoring Spain’s Jewish history and 2,000-year-old Roman architectural marvels that are still thriving today.

On Wall Street with George Washington

George’s statue on the steps of Federal Hall, Hamilton’s grave, the Stock Exchange draw throngs of tourists to Wall Street.

This app makes clearing US airport immigration and customs a breeze

The Mobile Passport app from developer Airside Mobile lets travelers clear U.S. immigration by submitting passport and customs information via a smartphone or tablet before arrival at federal checkpoints.

How to pick a travel rewards credit card — if you should at all

Should you sign up for one of the many travel rewards cards out there? And which type of card should you choose? It depends on your finances and travel habits, say experts.

Here are the world’s best-value attractions and worst tourist traps

Club Med ranked 66 top tourist attractions worldwide to determine which give visitors the best value for money. Some classical sites rank high, while others rated surprisingly low.