About Us

About Us

Photo credit: Roger Cox

The New York Travel Writers Association is a non-profit, professional organization composed of individuals who earn a living as travel writers, editors, and broadcasters. Since 1946, it has brought together journalists for fellowship and to exchange information about issues that impact the travel and tourism industry.

Keeping abreast of developments in the world of travel is paramount to this association. To that end, NYTW holds regular meetings, many of which are events that introduce members to new venues in the New York area, meet other travel industry professionals, and learn more about a travel company, destination, or attraction. Other meetings feature experts—some of them from NYTW’s ranks—who discuss matters that affect travel and journalism. Increasingly, these include technological, health, safety, and economic issues.

Membership is on an invitation-only basis, and the organization cannot exceed 80 Active Members, a provision created to maintain NYTW as an elite group of professionals. Prospective members must be individuals who earn a living as journalists for consumer or trade publications, books, broadcast media, or online media.

Over the years, two additional membership categories have evolved: Retired Members and Associate Members (the latter group consisting of former journalists who joined as Actives, then moved into public relations or marketing). All members of NYTW are permitted to join other professional organizations.

Barbara Peterson, President
Clint Brownfield, Vice President
Susi Raphael, Secretary
Roger Cox, Treasurer

For more information about joining the association, or to host or attend a meeting, please contact us via direct message at facebook.com/NYTravelWriters or twitter.com/NYTravelWriters.

Donna di Lucca. Credit: Susi Raphael
Donna di Lucca. Credit: Susi Raphael