Photo credit: Susan Breslow

How does the New York Travel Writers Association differ from other organizations for travel journalists?

In operation since 1946, NYTW is a society for journalists only, rather than a mix of journalists and marketing or public relations professionals. NYTW’s bylaws cap the membership at 80 working journalists, so this is an elite group whose geographically concentrated roster enables members to meet with each other regularly. Monthly meetings are in New York City; NYTW does not sponsor meetings in far-off places. (If an NYTW member needs to research a story in India or Indiana, he or she is generally able to find a way to get there without the Association.)

Aren’t there some public-relations professionals in NYTW?

Yes, a few, but they were full-time editors and writers when they joined the Association.

How does NYTW serve its members?

This not-for-profit organization facilitates networking within and beyond its membership. NYTW holds regular meetings that help members stay up to date with news, people, and events in travel and journalism. Its website and social-media outlets serve as membership marketing tools. NYTW also hosts an annual holiday party for members, friends, and associates.

As an editor who does not belong to NYTW, how can I make use of this website?

Travel professionals may search for journalists in our Member Directory according to their specialties and other areas of expertise—for example, individuals who cover business travel, cruises, or resort travel in the Caribbean. Your search results will lead you to member profiles with links to journalists’ work, and contact information. Visitors may also access NYTW’s calendar, which includes events sponsored by NYTW and partners.

If NYTW’s calendar features a meeting I’d like to attend, how can I request an invitation?

Please send an email to a member of your acquaintance, or an officer. (See About Us page for contact information.)

How can I join NYTW?

You must be a travel journalist, whether in print or in the electronic media, consumer or trade, and be invited by two members. Your sponsors will request an application from the Membership Committee and then submit it for their consideration. (See About Us page for contact information.)

What are the annual dues?

$60 (there is no initiation fee for new members).

How can a public-relations or marketing professional get involved with NYTW?

Travel professionals may search for experienced journalists with specific qualifications and regional or niche expertise in our Member Directory. Your search results will yield detailed profiles, links to journalists’ work, and contact information. Marketing professionals may also view our calendar and submit events for possible inclusion by contacting an officer or editor.

NYTW holds an annual holiday luncheon that’s open to members and non-members. Please contact Clint Brownfield (clintenyc [@] aol.com) to learn more.

Can marketing professionals host NYTW meetings?

Yes. If a travel- or tourism-related organization would like to host us or share something of potential interest to our members, please contact Clint Brownfield (clintenyc [@] aol.com) or Susi Raphael (sraphael2009 [@] gmail.com).