Mallorca Beyond the Beach

From TravelingBoy: Every summer, throngs of tourists descend to splay their pallid bodies on the glorious beaches that ring this island off the coast of Spain. They soak up the sun, swim and sail in the Mediterranean, swarm Mallorca’s shops and restaurants, drink her wine, consume her olive oil, and snore in her hotels. By September, … Read more

VACAYA’s Proposal for Cruising as a Community

Published in NEWNOWNEXT: We talk a good talk about the strength of a more unified community. Over the decades we’ve added letters to the movement to create a more diverse, welcoming, and clear representation of who we are. But though we’ve become more inclusive in our language, inclusiveness hasn’t necessarily applied to our travels. Take … Read more

These monuments honor LGBTQ history around the world

Published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: This June marks the 50th anniversary of New York City’s Stonewall riots, the June 1969 uprising that galvanized the LGBTQ rights movement in the United States and beyond. Each year, Pride month honors those who stood at Stonewall, as well as countless others who have fought for equality throughout history. But beyond … Read more

Golden Age reborn at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

A goldfinch lives at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam—a goldfinch trained to draw water from a well with a tiny bucket. Painted by Rembrandt’s pupil Carel Fabritius in 1654 (and made even more famous by the eponymous Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of 2014), the goldfinch recalls the city’s 17th-century Golden Age when goldfinches were popular companions in … Read more

Guadalajara: In the LGBTQ Spotlight

When in 2015, the governments of the Mexican state of Jalisco and its capital Guadalajara began a bid to host the Gay Games in 2022, they unwittingly set the city on a path to LGBTQ-awakening. For Guadalajara, the three-year bid process signified a shift in focus for a government that had not previously engaged the … Read more